FWST: 50/60 LOVE

I feel like getting into trouble today so I am going ahead to plunge face first in it, so feel free to take this sideways or grab a troublechute and jump with me . I found myself with attention paid in cash with a collection of photographs I accidentally found online, the collection was basically themed on the 50’s and 60’s era lifestyle with most of the images dominated by women. As I repeatedly glanced through the collection I realised something…where has elegance gone? .

   I am not trying to degrade the journey society has made, but someone has to count the missing apples. I wasn’t lucky to be present in that Era that the photographer captured ,but the grace and elegance in these still images was undeniably captivating . The world inevitably  has evolved like any society under this sun, but how far are we going to  use that to massage the missing gems of our society ?. You might easily come to the conclusion that elegance sold her old house and moved into a gated community . In the 50’s and sixties when women were not as impact friendly as compared to today, they still telepathically kept a job description that will forever make them a benchmark in society

 Grace and elegance were not exclusive to just upper class society in the 50’s and 60’s, they trickled down .The photo collection I went through consisted of everyday street shots of strangers and famous people , and elegance didn’t draw a line anywhere  . The house wife in the middle of main town  somewhere did not find it far fetched to exude  the same elgance and grace as the next upper class stranger . Did we miss out on something? …Some might call it a robot sheep mode of  elegance where individuality hadn’t gained as much weight as today , but you will agree that  elegance doesn’t serve just one dish .

 Wardrobes may have changed through time but it doesn’t mean elegance changed address has  it ? . Elegance sits in the thoughts of one’s mind,opinion,morals,belief..(The list goes on)..and I think today’s woman has the right to that elegance more than ever with her rise in society as compared to the women in the 50’s and 60’s who’s relevance in society moved up a notch in time of war….all I am asking is where is that woman who made staring legal .  

Every now and then I see people reaching down back into time when vintage clothing becomes a topic..Its not surprising to see some staples from that era making appearances in our  time, like the high waist shorts to celebrities like kim kardashian taking cues from the 50’s ERA . The lady from the 50’s will always be my leading lady in any day dream, and I still think m obsession with January jones is the fact that she played one in the emmy award winning tv series MAD MEN .I know alot of people who think style in the 50’s and 60’s  had purity..and it doesn’t amaze me why the woman of today still finds the 50’s and 60’s lady very inspiring…u don’t? Scroll down

 thank you. x



3 responses to FWST: 50/60 LOVE

  1. I simple adore all of the above and own far too many dresses just like these. Scrap the too many. You can NEVER have too may dresses like these. Elegance remains alive, but hidden in many a closet, waiting for a ‘Sunday best’ moment. Upsetting times.

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