Style is said to be the interpretation of one’s preference, way of thinking and lifestyle through the medium of garments. I have come to notice that only a few people actually bring this theory to life just from looking at them, and so I was more than grateful lwhen  I had the beautiful experience of being in the presence of one of these gems. Meet yasmin  ( @yasminn) . This lovely flower is a fountain of energy trapped within this slender figure of hers. My true love for style is witnessing the inner becoming the outer, and Yasmin embodies that phenomenon with her warmth and energy which never fails to show in her style, daring and undeniably inspiring, and still manages to top it off with elegance


FWST:If your style was a song who would you commission to sing that song ?

@yasminn : The Dixie chicks ..giggles

FWST :What’s your favorite item in your wardrobe right now ?

@yasminn : my denim shirt ( which I am not ashamed to say I nicked off my male friends..giggles)  

FWST : Who is your style icon?

@yasminn: I honestly don’t have one . People like to box themselves to certain influences but I think I don’t have a particular one because my list is endless. I love the vintage influence as much as the next person but I don’t end there .

FWST :If you had the chance to wake up in any part of the world where would it be ?

@yasminn : Wow. I think I would LOVE  to wake up in morocco

                                                                                ♣                                                                       ♣                                                                            ♣                                                                    ♣                                                                                 ♣                                                                              ♣



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