I have been hoarding a lot of photos from my real life smiley series, i was saving them in hopes getting a book published based on the theme ”Happy people exist” . I have decided to release a few of them and also shoot more in this direction. If you look at these photos and smile, my work is done.

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‘’A beautiful shoe has beauty, and a beautifully polished shoe has integrity, but a beautiful old shoe, well polished, has beauty, integrity, and more importantly, character. I have come to accept the fact that I may never get to the point where I have ‘’enough’’ shoes, in fact I am in the works of spreading this disease to anyone I meet, including innocent by standers. A good pair of shoes never fails to ground an outfit, a good pair of shoes with character on the other hand always fails to let you come across as less interesting. ( image : Vintage tassel loafer with no brand name)

photo: Allen A. Coleman


_MG_3882  _MG_3866  _MG_3864  _MG_3857

I loved this dude’s outfit, certainly a refreshing break from the ‘’stiff’’ competition at fashion week. I have been meaning to add some paint splash to a couple of my pants and this gentleman has definitely set the motivation ball rolling

photo: allen coleman


IMG_3624Is that a three button jacket you got there? I absolutely love the reactions I get from my recent collection of three button suits. For years I thought the three button jacket was strictly for the old guys in the accounting department until I started paying close attention to this beautiful piece of a garment. This three button jacket from PAL ZILERI is my favorite out of my collection, it definitely lives up to its high end reputation. IMG_36492

Another blue tie? Yes another blue tie for 100th time. Majority of the ties I own are blue, I simply love the color in both solid and patterned, a refreshing break from the stiff black ties in the office.IMG_3563  IMG_3614shirt by TM Lewin,Jacket by Pal Zileri,Tie by Andrew’s collection,Vintage pocket square,corduroy pants by st. john’s bay,Loafers by Johnston & Murphy



Today’s vintage photo sits quite close to home , pictured above is my dad and his older brother in what he describes as their days as ‘’DADDY’S BOYS’’. I wouldn’t expect anything different from two young lads whose dad, a man well known to be sharply dressed no matter the occasion. My granddad traveled the world as a soldier in the 50’s and came back home with an appreciation for clothes that he eventually passed on to his young ones. When I go through photos of my dad’s early days I find myself jealous of how early they were introduced to a real man’s wardrobe, that’s something I am going to make sure my kids enjoy .


IMG_1747Ever since the double monk strap became the best thing since the Internet in menswear world, the single monk strap has quietly established itself as the official shoe for the “real bad boys only” club. The single monk strap is conservative yet it’s subtle touch of edge does not go unnoticed. I picked this single monk strap out for a female client who adores menswear inspired shoes ( we will be stocking a few of these gems on the blog’s store once it goes live). These iconic beauties have done what all the classic menswear staples have achieved with ease, crossing the gender barrier and validating their obvious appeal in both wardrobes. The single monk strap; bad boys and girls only. (photo : allen coleman for a WOODEN MEMORY STORE )
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