IMG_3502shirt by Charles tyrwhitt. chinos by Dockers. Vintage Rucksack.Sneakers by New Balance
photo by freshwallstreet


IMG_1135 l Poetry,dance,music,paintings beautifully littered everywhere and an ant like crowd definitely woke the city up to ART. I apologize for having too much fun and not concentrating on catching everything for you guys but I hope this chips away every brick of disappointment.

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 When you live in the tropics, there are two things a man can’t turn down; a scoop of ice cream on a sunny day and a well tailored linen jacket.This linen blend jacket is beautiful, even though it’s missing a bit of it’s birthmark wrinkles,the way it drapes more than makes up for it. A suit has to have character, it’s said that it is necessary for the man to make the suit, but there is definitely nothing wrong with the suit setting the tone. This jacket has character, slipping into it almost feels like stepping into a movie role.

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tumblr_n5epvz6f4S1rf1jvro1_1280 I recently discovered this photo of a 1982 gentleman wearing five buttoned jacket with just the top button done up and I instantly caught some fresh dose of inspiration behind my desk. Without color it’s pretty much easy to stare at this photo on end just of the sheer execution of fit and the very infectious sense of character.

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racing green ties vintage ties

 yes i am back again, showing off my new finds but this time with new friend, Thomas  shellstagger. Thomas speaks spanish and a little bit of german, plus he loves the smell of new ties, especially the ones that come in earthy colors.This tie holds the favorite title in my tie rack right with the most minimal wear, why? i don’t want everyone getting use to it so pull it out during on the eve of game of thrones finales, now thats a schedule.

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freshwallstreet I always try to keep the blog about my wardrobe and street photographs, but I can’t help squeezing a little bit of this woman’s amazing style on here when I get the chance to. Dita has a very admirable contrast in her  wardrobe, her love for sneakers and boy shorts makes it impossible to assume she could posses such an in depth appreciation for elegant 50’s inspired garments.

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IMG_1072Shoes,shoes, shoes is all this gentleman knows? Not exactly but I take pride in my love for shoes, I have seen the shoes on the guys in the IT department and I would pay more than an arm and a leg not to comeback in my next lifetime in anything they own. Hunting for shoes has become a sport that I have developed quite a liking to, the process is a patient one especially when it involves scouting countless shelves of shoes in thrift stores. In most cases when I spot a pair of shoes I quickly do my research on the brand and its history, unfortunately sometimes some of these shoes have no trace of the maker. In the case of this beautiful tan brown lace ups, I picked it up and walked away with a smile just off design and thorough inspection. The stamp of quality just from going through serious wear and finally landing on thrift store shelves in good condition is primary reason why I love scouting for vintage shoes.   IMG_1067   IMG_1073photos & Write up : Allen A. Coleman
















IMG_1045Black has always been my first love when it comes to shoes, but unfortunately I am the pickiest person on this side of the planet so adding a new girl to my collection comes about once in a convenient while. I picked up this beauty for a client whom I share the same feet size with and totally forgot about it after the client passed on it. Courtesy of a room clean out I crossed paths with this beauty again and it has since been my weekend crusader. I love these high vamp fringe tassel loafers, it’s definitely one those silhouettes that has somehow lost its appeal with what’s mainstream, I am not ready to launch a campaign but I am definitely going to give this fringe tasseled loafer some serious wear.
photo & wording : Allen A. Coleman


IMG_4670  IMG_4663  IMG_4649  IMG_99n63  IMG_4613  IMG_4626  IMG_4757  IMG_4772  IMG_0032  IMG_7432-2   IMG_5196I have started buying sneakers again , I have also saved my  Sunday afternoon 4pm slot as ‘’time with the girls(shoes)’’, my religious habit of wearing oxford shirts on Saturday is still in church mode and I really need to know others seem to think pairing them with a bow tie is too dressy for the weekend , I think can’t stop listening to Sam smith’s Latched because it reminds me of Dita’s smile, I love how my beard is growing, I feel scruffy but kept at the same time, strange? I know

All photos : Allen A. Coleman

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The Weekend #4


IMG_9982  IMG_99no96  IMG_9n999           IMG_0068  IMG_0076  IMG_0113  IMG_0105  IMG_0142  IMG_0162  IMG_0171  IMG_0150  IMG_0103  IMG_0108  IMG_0179  IMG_99N53  IMG_9956

The highlight of our weekend ; we got the chance to ransack the new @blossomWednesday Vintage shop a day before  it opened its doors to the public, we are pretty excited about this shop, it’s been quite a journey seeing this brand grow from a ‘’phone shop’’ to a ground store in just under two years. Aside that, Dita and I were up to our usual no good, sampling night market foods and scoping out new hang out spots. I got to take my new unconstructed three button blazer from Ralph Lauren for quick spin and it turned into a two day affair, it felt like second skin so I wore through out the weekend, blame me?

All photos property of freshwallstreet.com

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