09.01.2015 + RAW BLUE

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menswear photographyYes, I made space for another green tie in my wardrobe and I am so proud of myself. To be utterly honest I don’t think any man should put a ceiling on how many neck ties they own let alone the ones in their favorite color. I recently picked up this grant Thomas tie with so much ease, in the course I found out that buying items on the strength of quality and aesthetics less the fuss about the label really goes a long way.

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THE RETURN OF THE REAL GENTLEMAN | So I recently decided to document something that has personally become rare, the real gentleman. Lately I have been blessed running into men that I would personally class as the modern gentleman, one who carves out his own path where many have passed. Many have been encouraged to push the envelope and exist as they are , but too often this campaign casts a shadow on the man’s man , the masculine charisma that has opened doors , pulled out chairs and  ‘’terrorized’’ the female gender since time .This series basically aims to inspire and appreciate the modern gentleman , this is your modern everyday gentleman and you get a free pass into his world .The return of the gentleman…. ♣

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FWST RETAIL THERAPY | @TopmanUK Navy Marrakesh Blazer

When it comes to affordable suits nobody does it better than top man , period. Most gentleman don’t fancy playing with quality when it comes to suits , let alone dangle in the affordable section, but Topman is one of the few brands that packs a punch with its affordable clothing .

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