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IMG_4567   Ever since I scored this three button unconstructed jacket from Tommy Hilfiger, I have been hunting for the perfect light wash denim to complement them for my advanced jay Leno look. Nothing says I am about to have a swell weekend like a pair of light wash denim. These heaven-sent denim pants are from faded glory, I know, that’s the last brand I expected this gift to come from. The weight of these denim pants are really light they feel like one of my tuxedo pants, with that I have had them tailored extra slim for a sharper feel, and I totally love the outcome.

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allen coleman stylist africa menswearIn comparison to workwear my casual wardrobe has been a difficult one to build. Coming from a Sneakers and t shirt background it has taken me quite a while to firmly place my feet down when it comes to dressing down when I am off work. I haven’t done too bad and on days when I get to pull out my one of my favorite weekend jacket from Tommy Hilfiger I can almost feel the finish line coming on.People tend to think wearing jackets on a weekend is too dressy but I think the pivot rests on how it’s worn.  I love wearing jackets on the weekend, aside from looking well put together it easily. Sails through any occasion from lunch to late night meetings.

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I am totally in love with these Denim high top sneakers with vulcanized rubber sole in red from Diesel. The red vulcanized rubber sole definitely contracts perfectly with the jean- themed detailing denim upper. As a big fan of distressed denim the fade on these sneakers makes them an ultimate favorite, at $170 this baby might just make its way into my recently revived collection of sneakers

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_ARC0446.450x675I am in love with Umit Benan’s fall 2014 menswear collection, and this is not because nothing like its nature has ever graced the catwalk before, but simply because collection possess something most shows do not, style. There are no ground breaking designs or never before seen take on menswear, but it’s nothing short of the purest form of style one can put out for an audience to tap into.

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Button down Ralph Lauren oxford shirt, cut-off granddad jeans and pair of worn in desert boots ; it honestly doesn’t get more American than that. Lately my weekend wardrobe has been leaning towards a more rugged look compared to my usual clean and tailored outfit, I blame it all on  my recent fixation with old photos of Ralph Lauren gallivanting about on his ranch. Fellow blogger NATE BUI got me started on cut off denim pants and now I can’t seem to get enough of them, they seem to put the ‘’rugged’’ in every outfit.

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_MG_5218My impulsive self decided to cut off my three-button Ermenigildo Zegna Jacket and it luckily turned out to be the beginning of a love affair. I have been wearing my short sleeve jacket almost every single weekend nonstop.  I love this jacket so much the urge to cut off half of my collection of odd jackets is a battle. This jacket gets worn everywhere, and that’s simply because I throw it over everything and it works! (Photo by Dita)

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