Freshwallstreet is a canvas of style purposely built to celebrate ourselves and the everyday components of our individuality through the eyes of a new age gentleman . Art is simply how we digest what God has cooked and its our goal to show you what we eat through time .We Celebrate style , celebrate you.

contact | teamfreshwallstreet@gmail.com

tumblr account | www.freshwallstreet.tumblr.com


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  1. Hey,good day, you have a great blog and a unique sense of style….I am Noka, publicist for Espionage clothing, an online quintessential and superior quality brand for gentlemen’s accessories. We will really love to be featured on your blog and will be very honoured to.Espionage seeks to make an impression with guys with a sense of style like yours and that’s why we hope to reach out to fashion and style lovers like yourself through your blog.
    We really hope to hear from you soon..Thanks 😀

  2. lifestyletea

    just saw your blog while I was eating breakfast this morning – I love it and showed my boyfriend! Keep it up.

  3. I came across your blog and I absolutely love the whole idea of taking photos of fashion, energy, and real life on the streets. Great photos, and awesome outfits on the models. Check out my blog for photos of myself out here in the real world showing my own style. Follow back!

  4. just saw your blog and i love it!!!! I love how you catch the individual style that is so different from many people. I have wanted to walk around and catch moments when people inspire me with what they are wearing and you are doing a great job. My favorite picture is the one with the lighter and the candle because that is my story also… thanks for sharing some of what it is that inspires you on the streets….

  5. I have enjoyed following your blog! You are talented, creative and enthusiastic! I know that you will continue to experience great success. All the very best in your endeavors.

  6. geeday

    Yo this blog is FRESH!! Damn i really need an upgrade on ma wardrobe, lol. are you cool with publishing model photos, cuz iv got a few girls who’d love to get featured here! i’d definately like to work with you, considering what ive seen on here!

  7. Stylefash25

    Hello team freshwall street you have an amazing blog and i have been a follower for a while now. I totally love the idea of taking photos of fashion and real life on the streets; so refreshing. I constantly look forward to Allen & Dita’s photos and styling tips.

    I run a blog http://www.stylefash25.blogspot.com focused on styling, fashion tips etc.

    I would be really honored to feature Allen on the gentleman’s column and Dita on the StyleFashionista column of my blog.

    I didn’t want to just use the pictures without taking permission and also i have a few fun questions for them to answer 🙂

    I know they both have extremely busy schedules, i really hope they can make out time to answer. I have sent an email with to the email address above with the question.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity and God bless you both greatly.

    Warm Regards

  8. Editor@

    Hi. I work for a local teen magazine. We’ve sent you an email requesting permission to use a few images from your blog to illustrate your work as we’ve mentioned it as a ‘must visit’ blog. Could you please let us know if this is alright?

    • Hi Thanda, we are sorry for the late response.Please go ahead and use the photos, kindly reference the source as you have mentioned.Thank you so much for the love, we appreciate it very much.

  9. It’s 3 am here and i just discovered your blog. Every picture made me smile…wonderful energy you’ve got. Thank you!

  10. Congratulations! You’ve been selected to win a blog award because I really enjoy your blog.
    If you choose not to accept or participate I understand. A comment to the post would be lovely.

    Please take a look here to find out more:

    LeSha B. –The Lovely Photog

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