As soon as a brand steps out of production and design, aesthetics becomes the most important thing in terms of connecting with the consumer, and the guys over at BLKKANGAROO have executed this quite well with their spring/summer 15 collection. At first glance it’s quite easy to tell this brand easily separates itself from the its peers with a well thought out  collection. The jute bag inspired over sized t shirts are sure to make a revenue splash. The statement rope sandals that I wouldn’t mind having in red is also sure to catch fire, i am a bit curious as to how they will feel on your skin after hours of wear. This Nigerian based brand left nothing to chance, every item seems to fit into the fresh African aesthetic that the brand identifies itself with. From fit to detail,

i am extremely proud of the consistency that runs through the product line. Their harmattan cropped pants is a testament to the passion with which the brand carries through design to production, featuring a concealed button fly, a grosgrain ribbon detail at the ankle and very toned stitching, this brand is soon to be on everyone’s radar in a very short time. SHOP HEREBLKKANGAROO BLKKMARKET 14 BLKKANGAROO BLKKMARKET 4ABLKKANGAROO BLKKMARKET 2B CROPPED BLKKANGAROO BLKKMARKET 5B BLKKANGAROO BLKKMARKET 12 BLKKANGAROO BLKKMARKET 7B BLKKANGAROO BLKKMARKET 11 BLKKANGAROO BLKKMARKET 5A BLKKANGAROO BLKKMARKET 4B BLKKANGAROO BLKKMARKET 13



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