IMG_1480As a kid,my parents thought the classic movie channel was a better suite than the action channel, which flooded it’s time slots with all my favorite bone snapping movies starring Steven Siegel. I complained bitterly at the time, but now I’m sort of grateful, considering everything I picked up from watching all the great actors who have managed to come back to life via tumblr, making me feel I am retweeting photos of old friends. My time spent behind the black box has definitely helped my journey into classic menswear, I think it’s the reason my idea of colour in a man’s wardrobe has stayed so conservative. I skipped the matching pocket square and tie phase really quick to a more confident space, where my interest fell on quality and a solid appreciation for “what works effortlessly”. I unconsciously picked up on the colour work of the men I religiously watched for hours growing up, due to the absence of colour in majority of the classic movies I enjoyed watching, infusing too much of colour has never been my cup of tea; it often feels like I am trying too hard. The Classic movies I was

glued to were primarily in black and white, without effort, I took to the well cut gray and dark suits that were mostly paired with either solid or slightly patterned tie leaving nothing to admire but flawlessly cut suits with a cohesive sense of style. The lack of color has somehow made me blind to the extreme dependence on bold colors, my lane is more subtle and effective; it works all the time.I have always been fond of beige, especially when it comes in a form of well cut odd jacket like this three buttoned cotton jacket from racing green. I love the way beige sits next to grey, especially when the beige sits on top, the color pairing flows endlessly up to the wearer’s head, which makes the wearer appear taller and majestic!IMG_1484 IMG_1437 IMG_1451 IMG_1479 IMG_1459img_14731-2



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