IMG_6014Nigeria based menswear label Bosi and Charles, is officially the first from Africa to make it’s way into my favorite menswear brand list. I know my list is a tough one, and with that said it means Bosi & Charles must have pulled a great rabbit trick to get in there. I have become a believer of the brand since I saw their collection during the glitz Africa fashion week. I might be a bit too jumpy to crown them the best I have seen off the continent so fa, but the minimalistic approach they employed for their collection comforts my decision. Most menswear brands in Africa find it hard to walk the minimalistic line, often filled with desperation to be picked up by magazines and other platforms via bold colors and exaggerated silhouettes that forevermore distracts one’s focus from the main theme of the collection. Drawing inspiration from Africa’s infamous colonial masters,

the collections boasts of a healthy dose of beige and military aesthetics that were very popular with British military and  explorers during the 1900’s. I am anxious to see what this brand grows into.IMG_6000IMG_5984 IMG_5999 IMG_5982 IMG_5968 IMG_5967 IMG_5975 IMG_6032 IMG_6034



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