IMG_4567   Ever since I scored this three button unconstructed jacket from Tommy Hilfiger, I have been hunting for the perfect light wash denim to complement them for my advanced jay Leno look. Nothing says I am about to have a swell weekend like a pair of light wash denim. These heaven-sent denim pants are from faded glory, I know, that’s the last brand I expected this gift to come from. The weight of these denim pants are really light they feel like one of my tuxedo pants, with that I have had them tailored extra slim for a sharper feel, and I totally love the outcome.If you look closely, you might be able to tell that I’m wearing my French cuffed shirt unbuttoned, it has become one of new habits lately, I can’t deny it feels a little giani agnelli-ish. I thought a casual business meeting on a Saturday called for the perfect upgrade of jay Leno’s famous denim on denim combo with a sartorial twist.

Wearing : Jacket by Tommy Hilfiger, Denim by Faded Glory, shirt by TM Lewin, loafers by Allen edmonds









3 responses to THE LIGHT WASH FACTORY 2: 23 PM

  1. allskyedout

    Glad you found your jeans. Have you considered either adding a black belt or a pink button down Oxford? You could even try a nice navy blue sueded penny loafer with a navy blue belt and a pink shirt. Tan pants are also an option. Maybe you could throw in some non-prescription glasses with a nice frame. Just throwing some ideas out there.

    Rock your style,
    Dana Guidera

  2. Hi Allen…I am trying to reach you to do an interview of you for my blog (fashion/lifesyle blog) called THE HOTJEM. Please email me using the email I entered prior to posting this message. Thanks so much.

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