IMG_4102I won’t lie, I love me some grey. Aside the solid navy suit,I believe every man should own a grey suit in a shade that complements the skin, twice a week. Tons of menswear reads have covered the holy trinity of suits with great passion, but somehow, there hasn’t been enough banter on the importance of one’s skin tone when choosing a suit, especially a grey one. A grey suit, unlike a navy suit slightly is unforgiven:

in the sense that it doesn’t take too well with hiding flaws, it tends to work best when it fits the best. Most importantly, the magic of a grey suit lies in it’s subtle contrast, it’s not as bold in presence as the navy suit, hence the wrong shade will certainly throw your wardrobe off. For instance, my complexion is pretty dark, so I tend to stick to lighter shades of grey that contrasts well with my skin. A darker shade of grey won’t get me banned from my work desk, but the dark shades of both fabric and my skin tone will just cast an unflattering cloud of gloom. When a suit contrasts well with your skin tone, it means the job is half done, it makes it easier to pick out a complementing shirt and tie combo. I love the classic grey suit and white shirt combo, but I couldn’t knock the charm of the blues for this look.



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