IMG_3956Building my casual wardrobe has been a less enjoyable journey compared to my work wardrobe, and I think it’s because I get bored quite quickly with the ever changing options casual wear has to offer. My personal styled trickled down from street wear ,
hence it has been a struggle sticking to a strict classic menswear approach to a casual wardrobe without all the edge i inherited from street swear. The classic polo shirt has however managed to stay consistent in my wardrobe for obvious reasons, it has the perfect mix of classic and edgy notes borrowed from both a shirt and casual button down. Dressing up a polo shirt comes quite easy to me especially when it’s in solid colors, it makes it pretty much easy to pair with odd jackets, which happens to be one of my favorites.IMG_3928IMG_3943IMG_3979IMG_3913jacket by Racing Green, Polo shirt by Zara, Pants by Dockers, Double monk straps by Magnanni

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