IMG_3798 Before i had any knowledge in suit fabrics, I found the thought incorporating waist coats into my wardrobe quite absurd, considering the fact I live in the tropics where it’s humid all year long. I have encountered a lot of gentlemen who share this ignorant view and i believe it’s mainly due to their little or no knowledge in the types of fabric that exist. Most men on a good day will not go past the color and fit of a suit, which usually leads to bad-buys, and the inability to distinguish the appropriating suiting for different seasons. For example , I find it amusing how a lot of gentlemen gawk at any suit with a slashed price

point with total disregard to fabric or construction, this is the main cause of men sporting winter lined suits in the tropics, which i can attest is a nightmare. Personally all it took was a little homework on fabric and construction, from there I had the luxury to experiment with waistcoats, that’s when all the fun started. Initially I wet my feet with more conservative color schemes and then I dived into the deep end of odd vests, for example it took a while before I knew what to do with this lime green waist coat from Linea Dune. Like everything in my wardrobe, I approach ensembles with a very relaxed and effortless attempt, I kept everything toned down to give the statement piece enough room to work. Start slow, learn and try, it works all the time.IMG_3834

IMG_3831IMG_3812 Jacket by Emernigildo Zegna,Shirt by TM Lewin,Waist coat by Linea Dune, Tie by Andrew’s,Pants by Berwin & Berwin, loafers by Allen Edmonds



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