IMG_3776 Men secretly love the things they can’t control, especially when it works in their favor”. You can anticipate that fact that leather will age with time, but you can never predict the exact shade it will take in regards to discoloration from constant wear and polish. Menswear has more than enough expressed it’s love for “patina”; which is basically the natural discoloration of full grain leather over time of use. The love of patina has escalated to a level where footwear manufactures are able develop artificial patinas courtesy of master artisans straight from the factory to the consumer at a welcomed cost.

Even though artificially developed patinas are as aesthetically pleasing as the end result of the natural process, I find natural patinas a little more equipped with character, there is nothing like leather that turned into something more beautiful from years of wear. Putting a shine on my double monk strap shoes from magnanni is borderline therapeutic for me, it validates buying quality items that stay with you for a quite a number of years without fail, and you can’t beat the sentimental value, especially when you sit back recollect all the places you have been with your trusted full grain leathered friend.

IMG_3779Photo and words by allen coleman



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