LITTLE BOXERS BY ALLEN COLEMANJames town, the birth place of seven world boxing champions, has bestowed on itself the duty to keep boxing alive in a country dominated by soccer. Situated in Ghana and the east of Accra, the town has become home to boxing, almost every renowned boxing export Ghana has had, came through this town. The town is dominated foremost by fishing and then boxing, unfortunately fishermen do not get to fly the world and appear on television, so the the youth have taken to boxing as a ticket out. During the just held arts festival, ring ropes formed by an excited crowd, gave way to a street bout for the town’s beloved  “little boxers”. Standing at an average height of 3″ feet, these
kids swung at each other with so much poise and finesse, clad in casual clothing with only a head guard as protective gear. At first glance it seemed out of moral to allow kids this young to be dishing out punches in such a barbaric manner, but after a while, appreciation seeps in; you recognize the skill and the patience these kids are exhibiting in a time of chaos. After a few shots, I sat on the floor in awe and watched 2 more bouts. This won’t be the last time you will see these little boxers on here, because we are going to boxing town.
LITTLE BOXERS BY ALLEN COLEMANboxing town by allen colemanphotography by allen colemanIMG_1715 IMG_1595-2IMG_1671IMG_1632 IMG_1617IMG_1663-2 BOXING TOWN BY ALLEN COLEMANIMG_1668 BOXING TOWN BY ALLEN COLEMAN words by Allen ”GODisMystylist” Coleman

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