IMG_1868 The navy suit, the strong arm of classic menswear, it’s been rumored that when God created the earth he stood over the heavens in a single breasted navy suit with horn buttons. As dreadful as what I am about to spill May sound I mean well, you can’t escape the classic navy suit if you have any plans of building a versatile wardrobe. Most men sound disappointed when they find out the key to their dreamy wardrobe lies in a plain old solid navy suit .

The good part is the navy suit has 99.9% percent rate of turning anyone into a believer if the fit is right. This is the suit you start with, and after the pinstriped and all the patterned suits on earth it’s most the suit you willingly end with (do not insert the image of a casket here). It’s tagged the classic menswear suit for a reason, apart from it’s ability to stop young ladies in their tracks, it’s one hell of a color monster, it eats up almost anything you throw at it no matter where you sit on the color table. It’s the perfect candidate to experiment with, for instance this boldly striped shirt is probably the loudest work shirt I own and luckily for me this three button navy suit from E. Zegna couldn’t have picked a better time to grace my wardrobe. I went with a solid navy silk tie from Andrew’s collection, I always try to keep the the hues of both the tie and the suit in a similar rage for a more cohesive ensemble, it makes the striped shirt pop without pretense.IMG_1887IMG_1879
IMG_1922IMG_1908        suit by Ermenigildo zegna, shirt by E.B company, tie by Andrews collection, waist coat by Trad club,vintage pocket square, loafers by Allen Edmonds.


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