Allen coleman stylistBefore this unconstructed peak lapel seer sucker jacket I always thought of British tailoring as unbearably boring and in dire need of character, thanks to mr Hackett I might just have to do a 180 in shame. Soft shoulders, peak lapels with functioning cuffs right off the rack might just make a this brand a main stay in my wardrobe. With a fit like this right off the rack  it’s easy to understand why it’s one of Britain’s favorite menswear brands. I don’t think I have gathered enough guts to wear a full piece seer sucker suit just yet, for now I think I’ll stick to pairing them with separates and keep the ketchup off my fish and chips.

menswear africaallen coleman Ghanaian stylistsurgeon's cuffunconstructed jacket by hackett londonhackett londonWearing; Unconstructed peak lapel seer sucker jacket by hackett, shirt by TM Lewin, Watch by sekonda, Tie by Tie Rack london, Gray pants by FARAH Vintage, Shoes by Allen Edmonds.



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