464403_mrp_cu_xl For years I have bought countless pairs of denim in search of the perfect denim with no success.I don’t understand why nobody ever says finding the right pair is such a hustle. It’s just about how they fit, if you are a denim person you know what I mean. How soft or rigid the cotton is, how distressed, how it was dyed, the quality, and I won’t even dive into the “lived in” feel that can’t be casually ignored if you love your denim. Till date I have never seen a natural lived in feel on denim that these light wash denim pants from simon miller. These denim pants are beautifully, if the price tag wasn’t that steep I would have picked up three pairs, just enough to keep rocking them into the ground( please don’t bury me in these) . I can’t vouch for the fit of these pants but as far as the wash and fade go, this baby here has half the job done. With fabric sourced from Italy and manufacturing done in Los Angeles , these pants have the best of both worlds, elegant structure and a rugged finish.





  1. BJW

    Actually in the midst of writing a quick piece on denim jackets. There’s nothing like finding the perfect pair, though, indeed.

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