loro pianal 4 solid navy blue ties and I am still out here catching the blues. I know you asking yourself, “does he really need to keep buying the same thing over and over again?”. The trick with navy ties is that they always come in a different hue of blue, and if you happen to be one who cares about matching your blue right down to the hue then you understand my obsession with these beauties. Personally I hate pairing navy ties and navy suits with different hues, in my opinion it mars the cohesion of the ensemble, so I try as much as possible to pick up ties that work well with the blues in my wardrobe. Seeing that I love blues, I have accepted my fate, which is my obsession with well made ties. Get a solid navy tie, it will do more for you than a loaded 38 special will. A solid settles into almost any wardrobe easier than any other tie, yes it’s that versatile. People mistake you for a style guru when they find out you have more than one solid navy tie, plus it’s better to get a ketchup stain on a solid navy tie than your favorite knitted grey tie.a href=”http://freshwallstreet.com/?attachment_id=17317″ rel=”attachment wp-att-17317″>the smurfsloro piana fabric


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