When you live in the tropics, there are two things a man can’t turn down; a scoop of ice cream on a sunny day and a well tailored linen jacket.This linen blend jacket is beautiful, even though it’s missing a bit of it’s birthmark wrinkles,the way it drapes more than makes up for it. A suit has to have character, it’s said that it is necessary for the man to make the suit, but there is definitely nothing wrong with the suit setting the tone. This jacket has character, slipping into it almost feels like stepping into a movie role.

This jacket is another pick up from the brand Racing green, and i am going to assume this number came from when the brand first started, because the details and quality surpasses what the brand currently shoves into the market.Its really saddens me to see a good brand get stripped off of its passion for quality garments. In this “movie” I am supposed to be a an off duty secret agent taking a stroll down the riviera, hence the massive flex of casual muscle in beige and brown tones. Spot the tan Norwegian shoes, paired with a dark brown single pleat pants that contrasts mildly with the three buttoned beige jacket, a perfect summer go to if you ask me.IMG_8369

IMG_8491IMG_8523 IMG_8400IMG_8402


3 responses to FRATELLI OF LINEN

  1. Love ur look bro keep this ish up
    Very well written
    And wen talked bout the man makin the suit, but the it aint nothin wrong wit the suit settin the tone- i whole heartedly agree

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