MENSWEAR AFRICA Beige is slowly taking over my wardrobe, this three button hopsack jacket from racing green is the third beige jacket I have picked up this year, and it just happens to be my favorite one for obvious reasons ; soft tailoring, unconstructed and very flattering silhouette makes it hard to go through the weekend without this jacket.

I have read about how tricky it is to put beige items with different shades together but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from experimenting. First off i figured out that putting two like colors against a much stronger and darker color tends to morph them together nicely . For instance, if I had opted for brown shoe the jacket and pants wouldn’t have looked this cohesive, but pairing them with a pair of black shoes certainly did the trick.ALLEN COLEMAN CREATIVE DIRECTORTHREE TWO ROLLSTYLE BLOGGER



  1. The Style Hunter

    I categorize it under what I call my “shades of class”. Beautiful!

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