I believe a man should have color in his imagination, character and his clothes.Considering my proudly conservative wardrobe, I find bright and loud colored items very desperate and gaudy, yet occasionally I find it very refreshing

bringing out the bang like a gentleman should . With the help of the internet I have developed an appetite for bold ties, in the same stretch I have found a way to balance it with my conservative wardrobe and quite honestly I think they are a match made in heaven. As soon as I snatched this pink tie from Charles tyrwhitt I immediately envisioned pairing it with a solid navy suit and blue shirt, when the stage lights came on I went with a pin striped suit to make things a little interesting. Ties with large scale dots work well with pin stripes, both patterns stand their ground, with that they create harmony that’s hard not to love.


suit by Charles Tyrwhitt, shirt by TM Lewin, Tie by Charles Tyrwhitt, Shoes by Johnston and Murphy,Vintage Pocket Square


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