IMG_6100For a while now, I have been convincing Dita to play around with Ankara fabrics, but my rants usually lead her to the deeper end of her honest dislike for the fabric, which has had a really popular run around the world. I used to share the same affection with this fabric, but I have grown to appreciate it with time. I have always had a problem with the motifs on most of the fabrics that flood the market,

and that’s mainly because I find that the motifs are not cohesive enough. To deepen the cut, they seldom land into the hands of creatives who do not know exactly what they are getting into. On the bright side, getting your hands on the fabric is not a stretch; neither is landing a good seamstress who knows how to bring a sketched image to life. The whole process of buying and seeing the production through surely makes one feel like an accomplished designer. With that said, Dita considers this her first piece. For the most part I am glad she finally jumped into the Ankara basket, I can’t wait to see what she pulls out next.IMG_6124IMG_6119IMG_6109IMG_6104IMG_6118IMG_6125LIMG_6121


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