racing green ties vintage ties

 yes i am back again, showing off my new finds but this time with new friend, Thomas  shellstagger. Thomas speaks spanish and a little bit of german, plus he loves the smell of new ties, especially the ones that come in earthy colors.This tie holds the favorite title in my tie rack right with the most minimal wear, why? i don’t want everyone getting use to it so pull it out during on the eve of game of thrones finales, now thats a schedule.

Okay enough with the water swords i love this tie to bits, i don’t pay too much mind to brand names when i shop ties so when i do pick them up its down to three things; the pattern, the quality and the knot. i do not compromise on any of them, and i think thats what has afforded me such a wonderful collection of ties.  This tie from british apparel company RACING GREEN didn’t cost a brick but its a fairly decent choice for starting a collection if you were asking.

vintage tiesphoto : Allen A. Coleman 


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