DUNN & COFinally! I got myself a striped tie. This is an event because I have never warmed up to striped ties, until now I never really understood menswear’s obsession with the striped tie. I appreciate it’s preppy root but I have actually succumbed to its need in my wardrobe until now. This recent purchase was initially a biased one, I confess I gave this tie a chance because it’s from  Dunn & Co one my favorite menswear designers. Ever since I found out JOHN DUNN was behind the wardrobe and costume production for one of my favorite TV shows (board walk empire) I have been hooked to everything this man touches.

I am glad I picked this tie up, the stripes are a little mute considering the hue and contrast their color which i think is perfect for someone starting out with stripes,and to top it off it has my favorite color sitting quietly beneath the blue diagonal stripes. I am definitely going to put this tie to work pretty soon.Isn’t it cool that i take the best product photographs, someone should hire me now!JOHN DUNN TIEPRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY BY ALLEN COLEMAN NECKWEAR photo by Allen A. Coleman


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