SIMPLY KILLIN’ IT [sim-puhl-Ly’-ˈkɪlɪŋ-it] v.

style allen anang colemanAfter dabbling in a little color forward phase with my wardrobe I am back to my uniform.Clean and simple, with more blues, grays and a slight hint of color via accessories. As a creature of habit I am aware of what works for me, and that means my ensembles usually gravitate towards more simple and clean with strong dependecy on fit with less distracting colors and patterns. Irrespective of your wardrobe I believe getting around fit and array of colors that work for you makes everything fall into place pretty easy.

A Navy jacket topped with gray slacks is menswear’s celebrated holy grail of uniforms, and it’s because its elegance with no surprise has stood the test of time in the ever changing taste in men’s clothing. The navy jacket, be it striped, chalked or solid stands for something that resonates with my wardrobe, that the simple and classic items go a long way in the pursuit of building a versatile wardrobe. My need to blog stands on this very view, to basically jump start the appreciation for a simple and clean wardrobe whenever a cursor hovers across my posts.freshwallstreet menswear style allen coleman stylist Ghanafunctioning cuffschalk striped suitallen coleman stylist africa menswear expert Jacket by Charles Tyrwhitt, Shirt by TM Lewin, slacks by Berwin & Berwin, loafers by Johnston & Murphy, Tie by Burberry.


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