Khaled-8 The contrast border pocket square has gone up the menswear love ladder pretty fast, you can’t go a page on any menswear inspired tumblr page or blog without spotting one. Like every item of clothing that becomes extremely popular there is always a dedicated group of individuals joining the bandwagon for all the wrong reasons, in the case of the contrast lined pocket square there is o exemption. I nicked two photos off the internet to demonstrate how the contrast pocket square should be done. In the photo above a white pocket square with orange contrast sits comfortably in the breast pocket echoing both the bold solid orange necktie and the subtle presence of orange in the patterned jacket, is it much? Very much. When you throw color around like that it  looks desperate and less thought out, my orange lined pocket square matches my tie, wow that was rocket science? The trick is to go light on the coordination and more on making the contrast pocket square complement the ensemble than ask for attention.

For instance if the gentleman had employed a solid navy tie rather than this eye popping choice of neck wear , the pocket square would be left to echo just  the subtle presence of orange in the patterned jacket bringing more of a punch that a cat call, now that’s more thought and less gaudy mascot. The second photo  lends a very good example of the next option. Knowing your color goes a long way when it comes to working bright summer colored accessories like the contrast pocket square into your wardrobe. The orange contrast pocket square clearly stands its ground and still manages to lend some color to the outfit, take note.
Thank you for reading thoughts from my preachy self.
Photos courtesy of the style blogger


5 responses to SUMMER NOTES

  1. Nice! Other than Black and Grey. Blue and Orange are my favorite two colors. Great Post! BTW: I’ve been folding pocket squares for more than 20 years. I can never get them perfectly straight like the black and white movies from the 1940’s. Any thoughts? I always end up with a slanted triangle..LOL

    • Thank you Scott!

      On the subject of getting the perfect fold i will honestly admit that journey is not an easy one. i prefer mine a little less perfect, the triangle effect is not a bad thing, that was carry grant’s signature, you should probably pick up a point or two from him.

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