TAILORING AFRICAWith my dark complexion i should be very warm to the use of loud colors according to skin tone and color rule, but unfortunately i tend to stay from too much color simply because i find it too desperate, almost like a call for unneeded attention. I’ll bet on being  the last one in the room to root for an odd jacket in a loud color, but in my defense for  this purple three button jacket from Zegna I humbly submit to my obsession with rusty hues of bright colors, i cant resist almost any color in  linen with darling wrinkles as beautiful as these.

Sporting loud colors is tricky, they are like beautiful words, and they can either make you look well distinguished or come off desperate and gaudy. I am yet to write manual on how to employ primary colors let alone mix them but from little experience with color I have come to appreciate them against complementing colors in deep and natural hues. For instance, this purple linen jacket fairs well against these rich and dark forest green pants from John Dunn. I f you can’t go with a complementing bright color in a less desperate hue its always safe to go with a neutral eg. Beige. FRESHWALLSTREETALLEN COLEMANMENSWEAR AFRICA 2014JOHN DUNNThree button Purple linen Jacket by Emernigildo Zegna. White Egyptina cotton shirt by JC Palckanor. Green pants by John Dunn. Vintage Pocket Square. Oxblood long vamp loafers by Johnston & Murphy.


5 responses to PURPLE + GREEN

  1. As a lover of all colorful things, I applaud you man! U pulled off this look flawlessly and standing near those leaves on the ground make this completely picture perfect! Love it 🙂

  2. Knocked it out of the park!
    Olive green and purple are my favorite combo. But what I really love about this is the orange handkerchief in your breast pocket. That is what really takes this outfit to the next level.

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