IMG_5276 Thanks to my girlfriend’s first year in law school she hates any kind of stripe on a suit, be it a pin stripe or chalk stripe she is not having it. With that in mind I knew I had the task of turning a special someone when I picked up this three button pin striped suit from Aquascutum. I have a love/hate relationship with pinstriped suits, I hate it because I seldom see it being pulled off properly and I love it because nothing says you know your way around patterns and fit more than scoring the perfect pinstriped suit.

Unlike the chalk stripe suit I personally find the pin stripe suit safer, the subtle striped makes it easier to pair with ties with bold motifs, leaving out any chance of pattern clashes. When an ensemble employs more than one patterned item I tend to play safe with my shirt, this white ainsley collar from JC Palcknor. The green hunters’ motif tie is one of those favorites that I seldom wear, I figured it would be the perfect candidate to compliment this pin striped suit without taking all the shine. Now for the sweet toppings; my girlfriend doesn’t hate pin striped suits anymore. IMG_5297IMG_5331IMG_5350IMG_5311IMG_5255Suit by Aquascutum.Shirt by JC Palckanor.Tie by John comfort.Vintage Waist coat.Toe cap lace ups by Johnston & Murphy.


One response to SO. STRIPED. OUT.

  1. I personally really liiiiike this pinstriped suit. I am not saying I like all of them, but this one is really classy. Most of the ones I’ve seen so far would look cheap. This one definitely looks good.

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