First of all let me put it out that this not a brand placement for Aquascutum. This is my second three buttoned jacket from Uk based luxury brand Aquascutum, and I can officially say this brand has locked my heart in. In the surge of ‘’EVERYTHING BESPOKE’’ it is assumed that ready to wear garments are not even capable of hitting the mark without a trillion flaws in comparison to their bespoke peers.

The Brand
Aquascutum was established in 1851, the year of the Great Exhibition, when tailor and entrepreneur John Emary opened a high quality menswear shop at 46 Regent Street. In 1853, after succeeding to produce the first waterproof wool, he had his discovery patented and renamed the company ‘Aquascutum’, Latin for ‘watershield’.[2] In 1901, Emary moved to 100 Regent Street in the heart of London. Aquascutum was family owned until 1990, when it was purchased by Japanese textile conglomerate company Renown Incorporated, and, then, by Jaeger in September 2009. It is now the property of YGM Trading, a Chinese fashion retailer, since April 2012. In my opinion the Aquascutums i come across whiles thrifting i feel possesses the true features of the original brand, i can speak for their current products but all i know is once upon a time this brand was everything.
Moving on,I love the cut on Aquascutum jackets, they don’t come with functioning buttons but the brand sure knows a thing about fit. Usually I wear a 40R but I size down when getting a 3 button jacket just so a more hugging shoulders. Three buttoned jackets are usually cut with a lower button stance which tends to make my upper body appear longer, that’s where Aquascutum comes in handy. The brand cuts their 3 button jackets with button stance like that of two button jacket, this means the first button sits higher. I recently took this jacket to the laundry mat only for my lapel roll to be executed by beheading, initially I wasn’t fond of the look but as it hung in my little wardrobe it grew on me. It appears boxy but I deny that i do love the way it sits on me, I might just play around and get another sports coat just because.
IMG_4393  IMG_4387  IMG_4369
Jacket by Aquascutum, Shirt by TM Lewin, Tie by TM lewin,Pants by Berwin & Berwin,shoes by Johnston and Murphy

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