menswear photographyYes, I made space for another green tie in my wardrobe and I am so proud of myself. To be utterly honest I don’t think any man should put a ceiling on how many neck ties they own let alone the ones in their favorite color. I recently picked up this grant Thomas tie with so much ease, in the course I found out that buying items on the strength of quality and aesthetics less the fuss about the label really goes a long way.

For a while now I have been picking up ties with brand names that I am familiar, hell I have even purchased a few just on the strength of the brand power, but that habit is slowly coming to a halt. Leaving out the junk and focusing on quality is one of the best ways to discover the little unearthed jewels out there, for instance this is my first Grant Thomas tie, I probably would have over looked it if I had stuck to my old habit. Grant Thomas was a former Lord and Taylor house brand but they retired it early, meaning there are a few of these beauties out there. It’s not a seven fold tie, but the quality, build makes a lovely little green knot. GRANT THOMAS TIE  PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY ALLEN COLEMANphoto & Words : Allen A. Coleman


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