sartorial With the internet and its 2 million style bloggers there is a lot to pick inspiration from, but one thing I always maintain is not get distracted from your ‘’comfortables’’. There are certain items that I wish I could pull off, and even though it makes me tingle with frustration I never stray from my clothes that work for me. I might never walk the streets in short-shorts but I definitely know how to work a medium length shorts and a blazer. I love wearing shorts, aside from the excuse to show some skin, I love it how it tones down a jacket for the perfect weekend rendezvous.

I have had this single breasted seer sucker jacket with peak lapels for a hot minute but it seems like it’s never enough sunny to bring it out, well, yesterday was an exception. In case you haven’t noticed I am wearing my Nautica yacht series watch with my new Nato strap, just thought to let you know lol.allen coleman stylist  nick wooster stance  pocket square  functoning buttons  nato strapJacket by Hackett Denim shirt by Ralph Lauren Shorts by dickies Pocket square by Liberty of london Shoes by Allen Edmonds


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