IMG_39n32Pink and green. Outside my stubborn fixation on conservative colors, pairing these two have got to be favorite color combo. I love this combo so much there is not week that I don’t pair these two; either via my shirt and tie or shirt and pocket square or in my extreme state shirt and socks.

I don’t know where this fixation stems from but these two colors work wonders for my skin, and it never fails to get the silent nod of approvals on my elevator rides.IMG_3959  IMG_4001  IMG_3997  IMG_3999  IMG_3976  IMG_4040  IMG_4021lIMG_3826If I had to put a premature description of 2014, I would say it’s been my year of small discoveries, literally. It’s amazing how a small addition to a wardrobe can change the way you put things together, for example; ever since I got this vintage micro checked waist coat, it has single-handedly changed my work wardrobe. Initially I had a blue waist coast that got rotated every once in a while, and even though my wardrobe tends to work better with blue pieces, this grey waist coat has taken over. The beautiful thing about working grey is no matter the shade it seldom fails to appear cohesive with other pieces with different shades of grey. This ensemble features three different patterned grey items, they are all in different shades but they work together beautifully. The trick is to keep the patterned in small scales so they work as a single unit of grey.


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