IMG_3770Purchasing  a new strap for a watch is like renewing your vows; it makes everything go back to being brand new. Ever since I got this Nato strap for this nautical number that was gifted a few years ago, it feels like I just took them out of their box. This watch has treated well and even though I loved the old worn in strap, I figured this captain America inspired Nato strap would do better with my casual wardrobe. This watch was not unveiled at a Geneva watch convention but does boast of a mean design. Nautica® has been my go-to watch brand ever since I got my first pay cheque, they may not cost a leg and an arm but they will serve you well. I am going to revamp my old watches with some more Nato strap just to relive this feeling of resurrection.IMG_3773photo and written  : Allen A. Coleman


3 responses to NATO STRAPPED

  1. That is a really nice strap. I recently changed the strap on my watch and while the color was slightly darker brown it completely changed my swagger. The little things.

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