IMG_3496  I hate weddings invitations with wardrobe instructions, and that’s mainly because couples somehow lose the appreciation color of their big day. Lucky for me my latest wedding invitation leaned more to the classic side, a black tie wedding. I find Black tie weddings to be very classy and elegant, definitely a good excuse to pull out my shawl collared tux from DAKS London. I also took a newbie in my wardrobe out for a spin , I will put up a post about this mystery addition in a bit.I was in a room filled with close friends and some new ones and it so happens my camera was in hand. ENJOYIMG_3494-2  IMG_3598  IMG_3547  IMG_3531  IMG_3543  IMG_3485  IMG_3584  IMG_3589  IMG_3420    IMG_3452  IMG_3482  IMG_3489  IMG_3537  IMG_3536  IMG_3479  IMG_3564  IMG_3562


8 responses to JUST HITCHED

  1. Zoia

    Very nice pics !!!!!!! Everyone seems to be having lots of fun 😊😊😊


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