IMG_6600_1024x1024  IMG_6603_1024x1024  IMG_6606_1024x1024  IMG_6617_1024x1024I love almost anything in tie dye, so imagine my joy when I came across these tie dye socks from ANONYMOUSISM. These will look so chic in both my casual and formal wardrobe, I imagining a lot of solid and dark pieces to make these work their magic.

4 responses to ANONYMOUSISM

  1. Beatrice Alexandre

    Tie dye galaxy shorts are so cute, found some at urban outfitters, check it out. ^_^

  2. Reblogged this on Bcus I LoveHill and commented:
    Ok I’m totally obsessed with packaging. I love outlandish or sophisticated or super simple packaging. I think your packaging says alot about a company’s product and vision by their choice of packaging. So I was super psyched to see this pair of tie-dye socks by Anonymous. I love the clean kinda crunchy look of it, don’t you?

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