urlIn the 1920’s themed TV show Boardwalk Empire, celebrated actor John Buscemi plays the role of one the most immaculately dressed gangsters to ever grace TV. Before all hours killed on the couch held captivate by the well put together costume of the show, I’ll admit had a shallow appreciation for detail and accessorizing. Knucky Thompson, the shows leading character played John Buscemi, has single handedly defined the meaning of a well dressed man. My infatuation with his character’s wardrobe has suddenly sparked an acute eye for lapel pins, waist coats and collar tab shirts paired with flamboyant paisley printed silk ties. I use to hold the view that men in the 50’s represented the peak of menswear but the men of the 20’s blow them out of the water without breaking a sweat. John Buscemi’s character has a knack of channeling bold colors in a way that has got reaching out for my pink shirts and purple printed ties, which is rather surprising for a gentleman whose idea of dancing on the edge of style is employing just two patterns in an ensemble. Thank you Mr. Knucky Thomsonnucky_thompson_by_alexsantalo-d5qqudl Allen x


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