IMG_1658  Everyone has that one item that they don’t see their wardrobe without , mine happens to be my beige chinos, nothing in my wardrobe gets more wear than these hard rock chinos from Dockers. I love my chinos to death, I know it’s probably something I should be saying to my girlfriend but I honestly can’t resist it on the strength of this loyal thread of clothing. I pair my chinos with EVERYTHING, and with time I have come to realize why menswear does not play with this little life saver. Beige chinos fairs well with both dark and light hues of most colors so long as there is no war of patterns. For example, I usually go with this subtle patterned dark green jacket, a grey wool jacket or my go to linen jacket for my casual Friday rotation. Being able to rotate this much color around one piece makes it a must have in my wardrobe.

Allen xIMG_1534  IMG_1772  IMG_1797  IMG_1732  IMG_1738

Jacket by Aquascutum, shirt by Ralph Lauren, chinos by Dockers, pocket square by Le Shop, loafers by Johnston & Murphy


5 responses to CHINO LOVE

  1. thebalancingunicorn

    i totally agree! chinos are a menswear must have staple xx

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