IMG_1358  IMG_1270   IMG_1315  IMG_1285  IMG_1243  IMG_1320  IMG_1316  IMG_1346       I have nicknamed the solid navy suit the ‘’38 special’’ simply because like the gun that it’s named after it gets the job done, right. Usually the solid navy suit is tagged as boring, and I agree to an extent when the subject of texture and pattern  is thrown out. However, I hold a strong view that the solid navy suit is at its best in the hands of an experienced owner. I love the solid navy suit for one obvious reason; it serves as a perfect canvas, one that’s plain enough to get a little adventurous with. My collection of ties is pretty much very conservative with majority of them being solid , but the bold motif printed ones come out to play when the solid navy suit hits the deck. Printed motifs bounce of the solids very well, this makes the solid navy suit invaluable to a versatile wardrobe, especially one that is fond of patterned shirts and ties. The navy suit is perfect for me, it sits well with my hefty collection of blue and pink shirts (THAT IS ALL A MAN NEEDS) .My rule for the solid navy suit is simple; keep either my shirt or tie patterned one at a time, for example I kept the shirt solid and employed a bold motif tie for the finish.

Suit by Alexander Ross,Shirt by Hackett, Tie by John comfort,Vintage silk pocket square, black cap toe shoes by Johnston and Murphy,Bracelet by HTW.



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