Mixing classic menswear items with street wear is where I call my second home. Growing up I was knee deep in street wear, so deep I never thought I would be able to even rock a shirt let alone a tie, now I find my myself at my best mixing my first love (street wear) with what I have grown to love. A lot of guys are not comfortable with the idea of a suit a pair of sneakers, I don’t blame them, and mastering the suit itself is a journey let alone mixing it something as edgy as street wear so I understand why most men steer away. Pairing pair of sneakers and a suit simply boils down to the old bone in the book of menswear; proportions. If you are thinking of trying out the look I would advise you bank on sneakers with slimmer silhouettes that will compliment a nicely tailored suit, bulky looking sneakers will definitely throw your proportions off the scale. Keep the contrast clean, the solid navy sneakers definitely stands its ground against the less distracting double breasted suit.    Page2

Suit by Canali ,pocket square by J. Crew,sneakers by NEW BALANCE/ JOHN LOBB , glasses by cutler and gross


6 responses to styled by Allen A. COLEMAN : SUITS ON WEEKENDS

  1. BJW

    I’m definitely digging the first iteration of this outfit. I’m curious, though, if it tests the threshold of having “too much blue”, no? I came across these brown croc-patterned shoes from Gourmet that I’d love to pair that suit with:

    • The trick here is to graduate the color, since the sneakers are of darker hue it still nails the contrast needed to pull this out off. Those tan brown sneakers works even better for contrast, perfect if you ask me.

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