IMG_9788Buy a solid silk tie in every shade of bold blue under the sun, and then move on to purchase patterned ones till your wardrobe starts looking like about to go on tour with Eiffel 65. My necktie collection is dominated by patterned and solid ties navy ties for the obvious; a navy tie works more wonders than an overweight genie. I was lucky to have picked up the habit working the blue magic in the early stages of my sartorial journey, initially I thought I was missing out on all the vibrant ties my colleagues were sporting, now years down the lane my friends have toned down their ties for more classic options and guess who is still rocking some his early buys?

Yes me, the dapper gentleman in the corner. Solid blue ties seem idly boring on a tie rack, but their ability to inject conservative chic into an outfit makes them a safe classic that has stood the test of time. Solid navy ties for patterned suits or shirt, patterned navy ties for solid suits or shirts; I know it sounds easy, that’s because it is. You are probably factoring other elements like what color should your shirt be etc into the equation, but that’s the sweet spot for the navy tie, it works with almost anything. Its lunch time and this post just made me sound awfully preachy, now I feel terrible enough to stuff that red velvet cheesecake down my throat…and maybe later go shopping another blue number, wink.  IMG_9835  IMG_9811

photos: Allen A Coleman


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