If the lapels on the jacket are slim, keep the tie slim. It’s amazing how this simple rule is over looked by most, from fashion ‘’gods’’ to the average joe. As elegant and graceful as suiting may look it all boils down to your knowledge and appreciation for proportions. If you nail the proportions you can get almost any suit to look twice its price tag. The rule of thumb is that the tie at its widest point should equal the lapel at its widest point. The trick is not to walk around your local haberdasher with your tie rack on your shoulder but  to have the eye to point a  tie with a width of 2.5 inches to 3 inches from a rope.Skinny ties and huge lapels were big in the early 50’s, but as far as room to inject personal style that is about as far as  it goes for the lapel and tie rule. Thanks to Cary Grant, the suit sleeve to shirt ratio has somehow been engraved into most wardrobes, but the tie to lapel rule gets a sad skip for some unknown reason, and It saddens me the most when I see this rule been flunked by  big clothing brands that have a million stylists on call. Discarding all efforts not to sound preachy I will spit out the following with the stern voice of a school principle, Do the right thing.

IMG_0503  IMG_0513  IMG_0548-2  IMG_0569


Jacket by Aquascutum, shirt by TM Lewin, tie by the tie rack, pants by lancetti,vintage pocket square, shoes by Bostonian.


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