THERuns (10)
Photography offers something we all wish we could do in real life, and that’s going back and correcting the errors. As time passes, passion and the nature to know more will always carve out something new, luckily for me I get to go back to the drawing board with what i have picked up . Lately I have resorted to re-working my old photos with my new found eye, I somehow battle with this new addiction because I simply don’t know how I am going to keep up with this ever changing eye of mine. This photograph is from my very first venture into the world of storytelling with photographs; it’s my first child and feels good to connect with the work of my shiny green horn and the dated photographer that I have  become. I am going to make it habit of posting photos that I re-touch for the benefit of those who luckily missed out on my early works, and for those who have stuck around for the journey I pray you appreciate the growth. Special thanks to FRANKEYZ for messing with a young me.
photo: Allen A. Coleman

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