About a month ago I picked up this beautiful TM Lewin three button navy suit during one of my thrifting rendezvous.Initially i wrote it off as a bad impulse buy until a liitle inspiration fairy flew my way. The three button cut on this little beauty gave a little room in the shoulder ,but I figured once it was my size it would probably work out  if my tailor and the laundry guys had a go at it, I was so dead wrong. The roomy shoulder didn’t sit too well amongst my shoulder hugging collection of suits, and so like every failed buy this navy number got pushed to the back of my wardrobe till now. Quick lesson; as much knowing your size, always bank on how the suit actually fits especially with off the rack suits. There might be alterations that a tailor can make to turn an off the rack suit into a bespoke looking suit, but unfortunately there is little a tailor can do if the shoulders do not fit as they should .After this painful lesson I coined my own quote “with every cut comes a style”, going through all my collection of 50’s movie scans I nurtured an appreciation for suits with a little room, especially with 3 button suits that were cut to accentuate strong shoulders.  After a few test drives i think  this suit is slowly growing on me, it might take a hot minute but i am definitely enjoying the journeyIMG_0232  IMG_0285  IMG_0213  suit and shirt by TM Lewin,shoes by Johnston & Murphy,Tie by Park Square Garden


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