IMG_9681I am late with this but I guess it’s not too late to let you in on what we got up to during the weekend. There is something about playing your favorite song over and over and over again whiles shoveling your way through chocolate fondants like an original food addict. I think I am going to make running around furniture shops my new hobby, I figured it will sound pretty elegant to disclose at a table full of uptight company, right? I found a new shop that will definitely have my house looking like it got picked out from a 50’s novel, its official, I’m an antique decor freak…wow it doesn’t sound so bad. I have picked up the habit of photographing everything that’s within my camera’s focus, might get tired and drop this habit but until then enjoy. IMG_9676  IMG_4531  waffles  dita freshwallstreet  vintage antique  design africa  art design  tie rack  pink shirt  tiffany itz_tiffany artist

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