IMG_9763Do not ignore my pose in the first photo, that is what happens when you walk around with Pharell’s ”Happy” stuck in your head. Back to regular schedule,sometimes it feels like my wardrobe will never rotate outside my fixation on blues juxtaposed against calm notes of earthy browns, but hey I thought Pamela was never going to come out of those red swim suits but  she did, so let’s not cross our fingers . IMG_9767  Tell me this jacket doesn’t look like one from the $1000 section. Fortunately this beautiful light wool two button beast is from H&M. I know, I know, that’s the last supply. I would look for a well fitting jacket like this but I guess the stars were aligned on this one. The jacket is quite short for my height but the full break on my  pants hides it slightly,see, it never hurts to identify the corners and learn to bend them to your liking. I went with the sure bang of blue and a pair of patterned gray slacks, it’s hard to go wrong with a jacket choice when you have a pair of gray pants,a blue shirt and the gate keeper of the mans wardrobe, the solid navy tie. IMG_9791  IMG_9735  IMG_9808

2 responses to HAPPY SUITS!

  1. Great post…love your pics – especially your expressions and of course, your style! (and I need that vintage pocket square…I’m thinking women shouldn’t shy away from pocket squares and cuffs. Now to find a french cuff shirt for a lady…) Take care! Cortneybre…


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