_ARC0446.450x675I am in love with Umit Benan’s fall 2014 menswear collection, and this is not because nothing like its nature has ever graced the catwalk before, but simply because collection possess something most shows do not, style. There are no ground breaking designs or never before seen take on menswear, but it’s nothing short of the purest form of style one can put out for an audience to tap into. Drawing inspiration from the game of baseball via the league’s first African American player Jackie Robinson, you can’t help but applaud the genius behind this collection for conveying the culture and fascination for an icon into everyday pieces that will live on in wardrobe’s forever( too dramatic ?thought so too). The sartorial take on the baseball jersey will definitely wean its way into a lot favorite lists, not forgetting the lettered varsity  and denim jackets, the hint of 40’s tailoring truly gives this collection a whole new level of appeal. With an all black cast this show will definitely turn heads and hearts. _ARC0220.450x675  _ARC0430.450x675  _ARC0354.450x675  _ARC0103.450x675  _ARC0138.450x675  _ARC0167.450x675  _ARC0209.450x675

3 responses to UMIT BENAN FALL 2014

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