cary grant menswear outfit review

Its throw back Thursday, so it’s only right that we visit one of the iconic photos that started this style craze of mine. I f you do not recognize the gentleman in the photo please be advised; the possibility of us getting through a chocolate éclair over brunch is slimmer than the side view of an anorexic model. Mr. Cary Grant has single handedly jump started a lot of style journeys of men through time, feel free to hold him responsible for making the gray suit synonymous with the word cool, I mean look at him, I bet he woke up like this. His outfit is so basic yet utterly flamboyant, draped in a gray pinstriped suit with a generous lapel size and a hint of earth via his pocket square, every style accolade thrown at this man befits him in every way. Look at the way a quarter of an inch of shirt loves shows steadily even when he moves, definitely the mark of a gentleman who knows the way of a suit. Grant plays his grey very well and breaks it with a touch of brown via his pocket square and neck wear, it looks simple, but I have come to appreciate the ability to not over do little things like breaking one color in subtle and elegant way like he has . I have always been fascinated with the way men in fifties carried themselves more than what they wore, there is certain comfort that conveys their confidence through their choice clothing. Men in the fifties irrespective of their geographical location carried themselves in suits with a little more room like Cary has on, contrary to the modern gospel that the slimmer the suit the slicker it looks, men of the 50’s looked a 100 times slicker than the average bloke in your favorite  magazine fashion spread . If you ask me the secret is not in the pudding, it’s in the wearer, it just so happens that’s the only way authentic style oozes out.

Forgive me if i made any typos, its thursday. ( note : don’t struggle to understand this statement )



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