IMG_7450Don’t bend corners when it comes the art of shirting. I have stuck to this rule for one simple reason, that’s where all the magic starts. Like everything in life the perfect things will cost you, lucky for me and you brands like TM Lewin have taken up the task to get us a little closer to the perfect shirt with a friendly price tag. So this subtle striped contrast collar shirt from TM Lewin is my latest pick up, it’s no surprise that it’s in blue considering my strict color code when it comes to my work wardrobe (Blue,pink and white…..the list ends here.)I figured I needed a power shirt for the dreaded Monday morning meetings, and quite frankly nothing says power like a contrast collar shirt with French cuffs and chest puff to scare the new interns at the office. Aside from the cut away collar and the arm room, I love the fit on TM lewin shirts, they are a mile away from bespoke but they easily come out on top when it comes to what they offer at their price range. Now I have something to forward to on Monday , let’s hope that this will fix my grumpy morning sickness.
photo: Allen A. Coleman

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